Meet Sarah

Sarah Jones

Sarah holds a BSc in Physiotherapy and graduated from UCT


Work history and background

Sarah graduated from UCT with a BSc in Physiotherapy in 1998. Community service was not mandatory at that stage, but she chose to gain her first professional work experience with a 4 month posting at a rural hospital in Hlabisa, KZN. The challenge of running a physio department singlehandedly with extremely limited resources gave her an opportunity to develop invaluable insight, skills and self reliance.

Sarah spent the next two years working in a busy private practice at Constantiaberg Hospital. The practice specialized in upper limb and hand treatment as well as Intensive Care Unit work. She also gained international exposure, combining travel with work experiences in the United Kingdom.

In 2001 Sarah opened her own practice, Southern Suburbs Physio and has continued to develop her skills through ongoing training while expanding her practice. In 2013 she completed an intensive two year Masters degree (cum laude) in manipulative and orthopaedic physiotherapy at the University of Stellenbosch. Sarah now lectures on an ad hoc basis and supervises both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Staying up to date with current evidence-based practice is a key priority for her.

As an enthusiastic runner, regularly participating in races, Sarah is well equipped to assess and treat running and sporting injuries and these form a large part of her practice. Please see our Services page to find out more about how Southern Suburbs physio can help you.

Meet Marian

Work history and background

Marian graduated with a BSc in Physiotherapy from Pretoria University in 1989 and thereafter gained invaluable hospital experience in Johannesburg and the United Kingdom. She graduated with a BSc Hons in Exercise Science at UCT in 1993 and had a physiotherapy practice for 12 years.

In 2014, she completed an intensive clinical Masters degree at Stellenbosch University in orthopaedic and manipulative physiotherapy. She has gained comprehensive physiotherapy experience in private practice and doing clinical physiotherapy supervision for undergraduate and postgraduate students. She is a sport enthusiast, keen exerciser and did competitive swimming for many years.

Her field of interest is using movement for Therapy and Rehabilitation. Additionally, in 2016 she completed a 200hr Yoga teacher training in Nepal and is currently completing a Pilates teacher certification through Body Control Pilates (London).

Pilates information

‘Be certain that you have your entire body under complete mental control’
Joseph Pilates, ‘Return to Life through Contrology, 1945’

Joseph Pilates was a sickly child, suffering from rickets, asthma and rheumatic fever. To overcome his frailty, he developed his method of ‘Contrology’ or later known as ‘Pilates’. During the first World War when he was interned in England, he developed his method further by helping injured soldiers in the camp infirmary to rehabilitate.

Pilates for rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Dysfunction, is best when individualised and combined with a good physiotherapy assessment and a patient centred approach. Setting realistic and functional patient goals are important. Goals are best when they are SMART- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Specific.

Musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain can create a negative cycle. Factors such as fear of movement, altered movement patterns and stress amongst others, can maintain this vicious cycle and lead to physical deconditioning and further dysfunction. Pilates is a mindful exercise which uses the breathing pattern to promote musculoskeletal balance and improve dysfunction.

Pilates is offered at Brampton surgery for physical conditioning and rehabilitation of:

Spinal pain, Recurrent musculoskeletal injuries, Post Spinal surgery, Hip / Knee / Ankle surgeries, Post Abdominal and Pelvic floor surgery, Post-partum, Hypermobility syndrome, Deconditioning after illness

Contact: Marian Wills Physiotherapist 076 043 9340

Marian Wills

Marian holds a BSc in Physiotherapy and graduated from Pretoria University


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